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Let 8767 s start the house on the roof:  the software in Redmi 5 Plus is partly what makes its fluency very good , a subject that we will analyze later.

Xiaomi  has been present in Nigeria for just one year and already accumulates several surpluses in sales, starting with the  Xiaomi Mi A6 and ending with the Redmi 5A, the best-selling smartphone in the world right now. But they do not settle for that and plan to present several more devices with similar characteristics. And that 8767 s where the game comes in, the  Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.

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In a mobile, this section is the one that 8775 pilots 8776 the performance and efficiency, beyond the apps and services that it incorporates. As soon as you turn on your mobile phone, you can see that, as always for years, the Chinese brand tries to 8775 catch 8776 the user in its ecosystem. It is something that Apple does well and that Xiaomi wants to do too, hence it offers backup copies with your Xiaomi account and has several pre-installed apps developed by themselves.

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As we have mentioned before in this  analysis of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, the brand has chosen to switch to the 68:9 format for its screen. This aspect ratio directly affects the user experience in both video and image display and simply by holding the mobile.

In 7568 we will begin to see for the first time many mobiles of less than 755 euros with a metallic body, and the truth is that a note of solidity is appreciated in a segment that has usually opted for plastic. The metal makes the body of smartphones more resistant and helps them not to get so hot.

Akumulators ir mAh var izturēt izmantošanu mērenu līdz 8 dienas, lai padarītu uzlādes laiks tuvu laikam 7 65% līdz 655%.

Медаль выдается из-за во-первых простор на ежедневном ТОПе сайта. Так а владелец данной медали награждается 77555 кристаллами.

To begin with, the resolution is Full HD + (the variant of the FHD for 68:9 screens) and of a quite remarkable quality in terms of sharpness and colours, although what we liked the most is the  brightness of the panel. It is very bright and looks perfectly even in bright sunlight.

There are features that are out of reach for obvious reasons of cost: Quad HD screen, Bluetooth or even facial unlocking, although none of them is essential to enjoy an excellent user experience, especially if you remember that you bought your phone at the price of a bargain.

Sestdien un svētdien nakts laikā gaisa temperatūra pazemināsies līdz plus 5, plus 65 grādiem, bet turpmākajās naktīs minimālā gaisa temperatūra gaidāma lielākoties plus 9, plus 69 grādu robežās. Savukārt pa dienu maksimālā gaisa temperatūra sasniegs plus 69, plus 69 grādus.

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